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Introducing Arclync®
Intelligent surfacing through
transformative technology.

performance products

Arclync is a highly versatile and easy-to-press overlay that protects decorative surfaces against UV, scratches, and moisture. It provides extremely high performance at a fraction of the cost of traditional decorative products.

Designed for interior and exterior applications throughout the home, garden, and commercial buildings. Arclync is available in a extensive variety of solid and wood-grain finishes.

Arclync technology transforms wood panels from ordinary to extraordinary.

Our world-leading surface technology is transforming the way people build and we’re making quality more accessible to everyone. Through the process, we’re bringing the value of longevity back to building.When it comes to quality and durability, Arclync outperforms existing products at a fraction of the cost to you, and to the environment. Our technology uses fewer materials, is faster to apply, and requires less energy than anything else like it. That means it’s good for your bottom line, and lighter on the planet.

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At Arclync, we believe in encouraging creativity, not limiting it. Our surface technology is not only easy-to-press, it’s also totally customisable for you to finish any way you like: from exceptionally smooth, to a hyper-realistic wood texture.

Most importantly, Arclync gives unparalleled protection against anything life can throw at it: sun, moisture, scratches, dings — you name it. It’s the ultimate protector and smart choice.

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& benefits

Scratch Resistance
Anti Bacterial
Whiteboard / Cleanability
Multiple Finished &

Arclync® Classic

Arclync® Crystal

Arclync® Siénti

Arclync® Omni

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